The Magic of Karachi’s Bazaars and Art

Karachi is often referred to as a smaller Pakistan within Pakistan. This is because of its abundance of diversity and how the mega metropolis embodies a multitude of cultures, ethnicities, religions, traditions, festivals, and of course art. With such a hustling and bustling town comes the opportunity for all different sets of people to exhibit their artistic talents and have a market for them too. This has given emergence to many art bazaars in Karachi, where there are entire streets and neighborhoods dedicated to certain types of art.

Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar is one such bazaar that holds the true essence of tradition. Following the legacy of women-exclusive bazaars like those in the Mughal Era, the Meena Bazaar in Karimabad Karachi was set up in 1974. It has since been one of the most culturally rich female-centric markets in the country popular for jhumkas, ornaments, garments, silk, dupattas, and much more. A stroll through the bazaar drowns one in a cluster of colors and bright patterns. Women from all over the mega-metropolis travel from far and beyond because of the quality, quantity, variety, and elegance the products provide.Peetal Gali (Brass Market)Perhaps one of the most important and prominent handicraft destinations in the country is the established and notorious Peetal Gali of Karachi, known as the country’s most important brass market. The famous Peetal Gali is visited by businessman from around the country as it is the chosen destination for all products that are copper and brass. From figurines, statues, vases, dishes, utensils, and other industrial goods, Peetal Gali is your go-to place for brass and copper specialization.

The Many Bazaars and more

Karachi is both an art lover and a shoppers’ paradise combined into one. It is not wrong to say that if you are on a budget and want to shop in any category, Karachi is your place to go whether it be for normal goods or for art. Bazaars like Lighthouse, Soldier Bazaar, Zainab Market, Borhi Market, and Tariq Road are mega places of endless commerce where one can drown in the endless loop of art and consumption. It is a city that caters to everyone, from the uber-rich to the on a budget, from the art lover to the shopaholic. If you want to see a bazaar in its true essence, then you must see Karachi.