Tales of Palaces

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Full of charm, grandeur and splendor, “Tales of Palaces” unfolds the rich history, invaluable legacies and compelling stories etched in the walls of Pakistan’s palaces.

The idea behind building Sheesh Mahal came to Shah Jahan after his wife Mumtaz had a dream that she was residing in a palace that glistened like the stars & allowed her to float on a cloud. Completely blinded by his love for Mumtaz, Shah Jahan sought to make her dream a reality by building a palace of mirrors that would give the illusion of stars.

“Whither I, whither my moon, and whither those nights of love?
But to see such a dream had once been my fate;
Although I (Zafar) combed the garden, I didn’t see one bloom,
Not one lively scent of love, not one streak of faith.” – Bahadur Shah Zafar (1775 – 1862)”

I once visited the palace: I paid a small amount of Rs. 75 to get an invaluable taste of the nawab’s rich history, charming lifestyle & elaborate palace. It felt as if every part of the palace, from the walls to the ceilings, to the carvings on the door. and the elegant furniture, everything was there to bear witness to the grandeur of the Nawabs. I allowed my curiosity & eagerness to be my guide as I navigated through the rooms of the palace. The velvet drapes hanging from the curtain rod, the vintage vanity, the collection of antique guns, the throne of the Nawab, the detailed artwork, the large mirrors, , the beautiful cutlery, the stone & wood carvings & the hidden details of art all exceeded my expectation.

Tales of Palaces

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