A Tale of Two Palaces

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The Nawab’s have left a trail of excellence on the timeline of our history. Experience that splendour through the eyes of two different generations hailing from different backgrounds, ideologies and mindsets.

The term “Nawaab” is often used to refer to any Muslim ruler in the north or south of India while the term “nizam” is preferred for a senior official—it literally means “governor of region”. or Viceroy; the female equivalent is “Begum” or “Nawab Begum”. The primary duty of a Nawab was to uphold the sovereignty of the Mughal emperor along with the administration of a certain province.

” Zainab tried to imagine the awe that this room would have demanded at its peak .The previous year’s Ghilaf-e-Kaba would hang behind the throne adding to its vitality, the mirror would have reflected each visitor their dumb founded expressions, and the rippling sound as the fountain pushed water into the air would have constantly reminded everyone they were in the presence of absolute grandeur”

The Nawab family of Bahawalpur constructed the exquisite palace around 175 years ago, which cost Rs1.5 million and 1,500 labourers participated in its construction.

A Tale of Two Palaces

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