Pashto: The Language of Warriors and Lovers

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Many describe Pashto writing as a love affair between words and the soul so explore influential personalities, renowned authors and poets, noteworthy works, and pivotal movements that shaped Pashto literature splendor.

Khushal Khan Khattak was known as the “Lion of Pashtuns” and “The Father of Pashto Literature”.The Khattaks established themselves between the Indus River and Peshawar during the Pashtun advance towards the South between the 14th and 17th centuries. They held a key position and had control over the crucial Khyber Pass. Khushal Khan is well-known among all Pashtuns for his writing in addition to his military prowess. He wrote 350 books, including poems.

“Nazar che me da stargo pa Jannat k lewanay sho yo shor sho che “Ghani” pa Mohabbat k lewanay sho”
– Ghani Khan (1914-1996)

Despite the fact that Pashtun dynasties have always held power, the language was stigmatized and prohibited from court life since it was regarded as barbarous. This condition persisted until the beginning of the modern era in the 1930s, when Pashto and Dari, or “Farsi-Kaboli”, were declared the national languages of Afghanistan, and the nation’s cultural and political life started to be dominated by Pashtun nationalism.

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