Mango: The King

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The King of Fruits is all ready to adorn your bookshelf through this fun and exciting publication that tells you all you need to know about mangoes.

Mangoes go through an extensive process after they are all ready to adorn our tables and sweeten our lives with their delicious taste and mouthwatering fragrance. There are 4 main stages of growth, Seedling where it is a year old and extremely fragile before it goes into the Vegetative state where it needs abundant water, movng on to the Reproductive stage where it finally blossoms into fruit and finally Maturity, where mangoes are ready to be eaten after they have gained colour and become semi-soft.

“Warning! The authors of this book acknowledge the heavy responsibility that burdens them and the following disclaimer is targeted to every member of our diverse community regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnicity. Pakistan’s love for the exotic fruit of mangoes is accelerating at an alarming rate and we are obligated to warn you against some of the risks that revolve around mangoes. ”

Mangoes are not just delicious, but they are also packed compounds that strenghten our mind and body. Magnesuim, Copper, Vitamin E, variations of Vitamin B, and folates that build a strong immune system. The abundant magnesuim and potassuim found in mangoes is excellent to promote blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Mango: The King

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