Crafts of Chitral

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“Crafts of Chitral” is a compelling publication that introduces you to the different artforms embraced in Chitral, their origin, history, economic and environmental importance and popularity as well as gives valuable insight into the story and lives of an artisan.

Did you know? Embroidery in the local language is called “Qalami Suik”. In Chitral, they say, “Har chamuto har hunar” which translates to “every finger bearing a skill”. Embroidery is held in high regard in Chitral and a girl’s skill in knitting and embroidery is considered a reflection of her adoptability after marriage.

“In this fast-paced world, Bibi Hawa is not only working full time as a security guard, but also using the medium of craft to remain financially stable so that she can give quality education to her children. “

Did you know that according to Chitrali mythology, fairies live in the Terichmir mountain of Chitral? Learn more fascinating facts about Chitral and their craft. Each region in Chitral is famous for a specific craft that they have beautifully mastered. Our publication offers tremendous and comprehensive insight into helping you map where to find exactly what type of beautiful artform.

Crafts of Chitral

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