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Give your home a burst of colour, culture, history and a hint of mystic magic with this beautifully designed illustration of the city of saints which perfectly captures the city’s excellence.

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The city of Saints, blue pottery, and Sufi mystics is one of Pakistan’s most prized assets. Multan is located on the banks of River Chenab in the Punjab province and hails as Pakistan’s 7th largest city. It is a major hub of cultural and economic development in Southern Punjab due to its remarkable history and deep-rooted cultural heritage that is still celebrated. Historically, it was one of the most renowned trading centres in medieval India which attracted many Sufis and saints to the region in the 11th and 12th centuries. Many Sufi shrines from that era attract tourists from all over the world. The origin of the name “Multan” is debated amongst historians with many believing that name derives from the Persian word “mulastana” which means “frontierland”, while others credit the Sanskrit word “mulashtana”, derived from the Hindu Deity worshipped at the Multan Sun Temple. Hukm Chand in the 19th century suggested that the city was named after an ancient Hindu tribe that was named Mulu. Multan has an incredibly rich history as being the battleground and home of many warriors, empires and dynasties. Indus Valley Civilisation, the Greek invasion by Alexander the great, Islamic conquest, Emirates of Multan, Ghaznavid Era, Ghurid Era, Mamluk Era, Tughluq Era, Timurid Era, Mughal Era, Durrani Empire, Sikh dynasty, and British Raj are some of the most prominent settlements in the region of Multan.


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Multan - Coasters