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Cute and traditional, our Sajrak keychain is the perfect keepsake.

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“Sajrak, a combination of the words Ajrak and Saraiki, is a gorgeous and unique art form native to South Punjab and is a variation of Ajarak from Sindh. It is also known as Saraiki Ajrak

and prominently identifies with the Saraiki speaking population of Punjab. The etymology of the word Sajrak is an ode to Pakistan’s rich history as it derives from the Persian word “ajar” or “major” which translates to brick and “-ak”, meaning little.

Although it bears a striking resemblance to the aesthetic block patterns of Ajrak, which are blocks separated by dotted lines and these dots are the same radius in almost all designs.

Colour is what differentiates Sajrak from Ajrak, since Ajrak is produced in the long-standing traditional colours red and black whereas Sajrak has a bright colour palette of green, blue and cyan. The print can be transformed into hats, shawls, wall hangings and much more.

The origin of this block print has been dated back to the Indus Valley Civilisation however Mughals have been credited for promoting this art form. A dynasty that highly valued the role art plays in representing one’s culture, they began to influence the evolution in Sajrak patterns as artists started involving two or more circles in the design. The level of precise and intricate geometry on the garment comes from the usage of a method of printing called woodblock printing in which prints were transferred from geometric shapes etched on the wooden blocks by pressing them hard on the fabric. This centuries-old method has its roots deeply embedded in our existing methodology as well.

March 6th is a day that our Saraiki population hold dear as it is Saraiki culture Day and Sajrak stands as the star of the show, being a prominent part of their cultural heritage and celebration. Pakistan prides itself on its sense of community, rich cultural heritage, and diversity and Sajrak is an integral part of our culture that stays true to its nation’s core values, representing honour, integrity and respect by one who adorns it.


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Keychain - Sajrak