Himalayan Salt lamp


Be it your bedroom or TV lounge, perfect lighting can enhance the ambience of the entire space. Himalayan Salt Lamps do exactly that and spark up any room with their presence. These lamps are believed to have various special health benefits and are a specialty of Khewra.

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We love to improvise our homes with unique and stylish items and if these items are considered to have health benefits then it is a plus point. The specialty of these lamps is that these lamps are made of large salt crystals which are formed hundreds of millions of years ago in the Himalayan mountain ranges. These crystals are mined from the Khewra Salt Mine in the foothill of the Salt Range in Jhelum, Pakistan. Salt lamps are known to reduce negative ions and fatigue which helps in elevating the mood. These lamps are elegantly crafted into different shapes and sizes and the level of craft that goes into them is mesmerizing. The artisans who are involved in this process have learned the art through years of perseverance and consistency. These lamps are a depiction of the regional importance and reflect nature and its level best. So buy now to lead a different lifestyle.


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Himalayan Salt lamp