Brass Plate – Traditional


Grab these majestically crafted brass figurines and utensils set to add an element of majesty to your shelves, tables, and living spaces. Available in multiple shapes and sizes.

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Brass and copper have been in production and used heavily in the Northern areas of Pakistan since the Mughal Era. They were liked for their ductility, malleability, and diverse purposes. The Mughals were fond of decorative products like brass structures, utensils, and vases. Reflections of this can be seen by the contemporary brass artisan of Pakistan, who is engaged in creating brass products like vases, ashtrays, statues, lamps, jars, dishes, figurines, and other brass-coated goods. Karachi has a whole street called ‘Peetal Galli’ dedicated to artisans and products of brass and copper. We aim to connect our consumer base with the best brass artisans in the country so you can experience the beauty of this craft in its most true essence.


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Brass Plate – Traditional