Prestigiously Made in Pakistan

Football teams throughout the world compete in the FIFA World Cup every four years and football is considered one of the most favoured and widely watched sports in the globe.

When a country hosts or participates in the FIFA World Cup, it typically marks an important historical turning point and a symbolic accomplishment with lasting consequences on the development of local communities, infrastructure, and service provision.

In Pakistan, football is one of the favourite sports, and our nation has a great contribution to the world’s most prestigious tournament since Sialkot provided 300,000 match balls to Qatar, the 2022 world cup host, an honour they have been given since 2014. “Forward Sport” are the hands behind this remarkable feat.

Sialkot is renowned for producing and exporting a wide range of commodities, including textiles, musical instruments, sports equipment, leather goods, and medical tools. Because of its exports and remittances from foreign labour, Sialkot is Pakistan’s second-largest source of foreign exchange profits. It manufactures 750,000 balls for major companies like Adidas. 

According to statistics from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Sialkot’s leading export earners in 2021–2022 with sales of almost $51 million (Rs9.7 billion in rupee terms given the lower exchange rate at the time). Furthermore, During the course of the year, the nation as a whole exported sporting products worth Rs65.2 billion. 

Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage, and its young leaders are enthusiastic, artistic in their approach, skilled, and diligent. Being the proud suppliers of footballs to the greatest sporting festivity in the world enables Pakistan’s economic prosperity and shows the world that the land of the pure has commendable talent and resources.