Pearls of Pakistan

Every country in this world takes full responsibility for representing its culture and tradition through different mediums and art forms, among which handicrafts are one of the most celebrated crafts in Pakistan. The handmade products of Pakistan are sold all around the world. For example, the truck art of Pakistan is followed by the foreigners who incorporate this in their vehicles as well.

As the world is progressing rapidly, everything is becoming digital. The artisans are using digital platforms to promote a variety of sustainable and unique local crafts to develop a culture of eco-friendly products. On the other hand, the culture of Pakistan is reaching the fashion industry now, from digital platforms to stores and exhibitions. The handmade products produced in each province play an essential role in representing the beautiful heritage of Pakistan. The big brands and designers who are bringing these pieces of art to their brands are making everybody in the country aware of the unique art and craft of Pakistan and also to people around the world too. For instance, Sindh province is popular for Ajrak related products and handmade earrings. Punjab, on the other hand, is famous for its traditional dresses; Multan has been famous for blue pottery for centuries. Also, Balochistan is famous for its dresses like a turban, loose shalwar, mirror work on shirts with big pockets, and beautiful dupattas. KPK is famous for shalwar kamzeez, turban, kufi, kandhari cap, pakola and karakul hat. The ancient city of Peshawar is known for Peshawari chappal and Kaptaan Chappal, mostly worn by men while women wear heavily embroidered dresses and handmade jewelry. In the north of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan, embroidery and weaving are very popular, and different products are made from embroidery and weaving.

Moreover, it is important to highlight that certain Pakistani brands are promoting the heritage of Pakistan, such as Generation, which launched an entire campaign by the name of ‘No Nonsense Nighat’ where they tried to represent the heritage of Punjab. For this great initiative, they received a Lux Style Award of 2019 for its best collection. They have also incorporated the Chitrali embroidery on the Khaddar shirt most recently. In this way, brands are highlighting the craftsmanship and craft of Pakistan.

Eastern Art and Handicrafts is another brand that sells most of the handmade products of all the provinces of Pakistan. Their store is located at the Centaurus Mall in Islamabad, which has different products like truck art, Kashmiri shawls, Ajrak, handmade jewellery, handmade bags, marble lamps, beautiful gemstones, etc.

Art and craft are a precious heritage of Pakistan. It is very necessary to preserve them. The artisans and brands that are coming forward for its preservation are the pearls of Pakistan. Brand through different luxury innovations is representing the culture of Pakistan to the masses so that it reaches out to everyone and appeal more.

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