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    Our collection of patchwork bags form an integral part of your overall outfit. The D-shaped bag with a medium-sized strap is decorated with vivid colours of Sindhi embroidery and offers ample storage space, making it a pleasant experience to carry.      

  •  749

    Get the handmade Sindhi patchwork mail catchers by Concave Craft and declutter your work tables. You can organize all of your letters and documents in these beautifully crafted mail catchers by hanging them on walls.      

  •  649

    Patches of Hurmutch embroidery stitched with patches of Kutch, which is among the many forms of stitchery used in mirrorwork. The colour aesthetics and design of the Sindhi Patchwork Cushion reflect the soft and warm mood of Sindh. Enlighten your interior decorating scheme with the scenic feel of Sindh.  

  •  4,699

    Combine the famous Taxila marble with the most mysterious board game in the world, and the result is a durable, aesthetically pleasing marble chess game. Our collection of delicately crafted marble chess boards and pieces present players with the ultimate playing experience.

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